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It's been a number of years since I first created this Ed-Tech Guide. It's time to update the various pages, to add and remove links.

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Startup Methodologies, Applied to Education:

Why is this important? Just because something is popular among entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley doesn't mean that it'll be popular among educators. And just because something "works" in tech startup-land doesn't mean that it'll "work" in schools.

Applying Lean Methodology to K-12

The Myth and Millennialism of "Disruptive Innovation"


Rewriting the History of MOOCs

Education Datasets

News, Politics, and Education Data: NYC's Teacher Data Reports Developer Guide

How Will inBloom Use Student Data?

Recommended Reading

Aaron Bady, The MOOC Moment and the End of Reform

Scott Gray, My Thoughts on Codecademy

Michael Pershan, What If Khan Academy Was Made in Japan

ALT Research Committee, What Research Has to Say for Practice

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